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Sometimes your project is short term or doesn’t require/allow for the outright purchase of equipment. 

Perhaps you are waiting for delivery on a delayed order, repair, or warranty replacement from the factory. Maybe you are a temporary power provider and need to tie into the grid to start selling electricity.  You may just be running a short term construction project. Do you need to get online and making money before you can effectuate an outright purchase? Whatever your needs may be, Belyea Company, Inc has the solution for your temporary electrical power equipment needs. That is because besides offering the best remanufactured electrical power equipment in the industry, Belyea Company, Inc also offers most of our inventory for rental or lease.

Rental Transformers, High Voltage SF6 Circuit breakers, Gang operated Air Break and Load interrupter Switches, Motor Starters and more all IN STOCK and ready for QUICK SHIPMENT!

Take a look at our ever growing industry leading online inventory. If you need to rent/lease a single item or a total substation package please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We can always find a way to meet both your timeline and budget!